Notes on Devil Design Green PLA

07 January 2021
#ender3#PLA#3d printing#devil design

Curently my favorite PLA in terms of look. It's got a very nice finish to it, and I feel like my quick photos don't do it justice. It has a nice transparent look to it, making it perfect for printing large LED caps.

Devil Design PLA 1.75mm GREEN

  • Printing on Ender3 Pro
  • Creality Glass
  • PrusaSlicer
  • Preheat glass bed: 60° C
  • After first layer glass bed: 55° C
  • Hotend @ 220° C First Layer
  • Hotend @ 215° C After First Layer
  • Keep fan always on: False
  • Fan Speed Min: 35%
  • Disable fan for the first: 1

Specs from the manufacturer:

  • Surface of the material: Gloss
  • Shrinkage of the material: Very low
  • Spool material: Transparent policarbonate
  • Hotend: 200-235°C
  • Heated: bed 50-60°C
  • Cooling the printout: Recommended

Some prints

Green PLA - Ender LACK PSU mount

Mounts for the Ender3 PSU + LACK